October 1st Program – Taylor Lockwood

And evening with Taylor Lockwood

Over the past 30 years, Taylor Lockwood has visited over 30 countries and all 50 U S States, and met countless numbers of mushroom lovers. Many of his travel stories are featured, along with his images, in his books, such as Chasing the Rain: My Treasure Hunt for the World’s Most Beautiful Mushrooms (2007) and his DVDs, such as the recently released In Search of the Holey Veil (2012).

In addition to his vocation as an esthetic mycologist, Taylor also educates people about mushrooms and other fungi. In 2005, he released a video DVD entitled The Mushroom Identification Trilogy. This three-part presentation teaches the basics of mushroom identification. Written and hosted by Taylor, it features his photographs and serves as a visual field guide companion. In 2006 he produced a series of educational video shorts called The Mushroom Minute. Each installment teaches identification characteristics, one mushroom at a time, in one minute.

Fueled by his passion for art and beauty, Taylor has carved his own niche in the field of mycology. His dedication to his craft and love of nature and people combine to make him a fitting ambassador of mushrooms at home and abroad.

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