October 2nd Program – Ganoderma

Gano-derma means “shining skin” referring to the lacquered tops of some species.

Matthew Schink will present his findings with the polypore genus Ganoderma: what sets Ganoderma apart from other similar polypores and distinguishing features to look at in regards to identification, mainly microscopic. He will touch briefly on phylogeny and the different groups within Ganoderma, such as the artist conks and the reishi types. He will conclude with an overview of the species likely to be found in Illinois.

Matthew Schink is an independent researcher, interested in mushrooms for the last 10 years, mostly bioluminescent species.
About 5 years ago he started getting serious about mycology and the scientific aspects of fungi. When he cloned his first Ganoderma he found it difficult to properly identify it due to confusion among the species of Ganoderma. Matt has been focused on Ganoderma for the last 4 years and is building a collection of specimens he found himself and more that are sent to him from across the USA and from overseas.

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