May 15th Program – Northwoods Mushrooms

Remarkable Mushrooms of the Northwoods

Britt Bunyard: I have spent the past thirteen seasons in the forests and farmlands of the Upper Midwest, usually with an eye to the ground, on the lookout for mushrooms and other interesting fungi. Without a doubt, my favorite place for sheer beauty of habitat and diversity of mushrooms is the “Northwoods” which includes the upper half of Wisconsin, Minnesota, UP of Michigan and lands further north. And of all the places that I routinely visit, Bayfield County, Wisconsin is my most favorite. This year the North American Mycological Association will hold its big annual foray right there in Bayfield County. Although the second largest county in Wisconsin, Bayfield County hasn’t a single stop light; most of the county is National Forest. You will find lots of water there, loons and other interesting wildlife, old growth trees…and lots of mushrooms. Annually we find mushrooms there that have never been recorded in any other place in the state; many have never been recorded anywhere else in the Upper Midwest. This presentation will give you an overview of the region but mostly a sneak peek of the rare and amazing mushrooms you can expect to see in the Northwoods, just a few hours’ drive north.

Dr. Britt Bunyard is a mycologist and the editor and publisher of FUNGI MAGAZINE. He has a passion for mushrooms of all sorts but Amanita is a favorite. Britt has long studied the flies and other insects that live in mushrooms and published papers on his research. As a college professor, Britt has taught a variety of biology courses including Evolution, Microbiology, Mycology, Invertebrate Zoology, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Environmental Science.

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