April 3rd Program – Lichens

Lichens: a tale of three kingdoms

Matt Nelsen will reveal to us the fascinating world of lichens. These symbiotic associations between fungi and algae (green algae and cyanobacteria), encompass 20% of the known fungal diversity, making them arguably one of the most successful life strategies among the Fungi. These associations are estimated to dominate 10% of the earth’s land surface, where they contribute to biogeochemical cycling, serve as food sources for a wide range of animals, and support diverse microbiomes. Additionally, their sensitivity to air pollution and ecological change have made them important bioindicators of air quality and ecosystem health. This lecture will provide an overview of the general biology of lichen associations and their importance, while touching on their evolution, diversity, and ways in which humans and animals utilize lichens.

Dr. Matthew Nelsen is a postdoctoral researcher at the Field Museum, who studies the evolution of species interactions, associations, and how Fungi have shaped, and been shaped by, the evolution of terrestrial ecosystems. He has contributed to a wide range of research projects on lichens, including biomonitoring (air quality, ecological change), and the systematics and evolution of lichen-forming fungi, algae, and their parasites.

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